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News BlockOctober 27 2011
Sad Decision:This was one of the hardest decisions we had to make so far. After 10 years of beautiful moments, 3 albums, numerous live shows and above all a close friendship, our singer, Babis Alexandropoulos, is no longer a member of InnerWish.

There is nothing behind the curtains; there is nothing in the shades. The simple (and only) reason is that Babis, as a tenor in classical singing, had to make some choices for his personal future and life. And these choices unfortunately can’t go with InnerWish’s plans and heavy metal singing in general. He had to focus on what he studied, what his job is and try to make the best out of it with all his powers by exploiting his charisma. So for, we all decided it was for the best both for Babis but also for the band to split our ways now.

Babis leaves as a brother, not a friend, remains a brother and a member of the InnerWish family. This decision is something neither of us wanted, but had to be made. That’s life after all… you can’t always do what you want to do. Ending this chapter with a live show among with Crimson Glory was the best way doing it!

We all wish Babis all the best for his future, because only the best is what he deserves! And he will have our support to whatever he does.

Thanks for all the great times man! Good luck bro!

News BlockJune 01 2011
Live at Ioannina 11 june 2011Live Info. Innerwish will appear Live at Boxx Live Stage at Ioannina on 11 June 2011. Along side will appear epic metallers Dark Nghtmare, thrashers Bandemonic and Knifedge too. We hope we will see you all there!

News BlockMarch 16 2011
10th Rockfest n'aid 2011. Sunday 20.03.2011 at 18:30 in the Architecture (Elasidon 6 und Peiraios, Gkazi, 210-9014428) in a 10th year institution, some of the best bands of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in Greece will cooperate for an artistic night of charity. The music festival Rochfest, which started in 2001 in Sparta, now renamed as Rockfest n'aid 2011, will be accompanied this year by the presence of the following bands: INNERWISH, SCAR OF THE SUN, KEADO MORES, (feat. BOB KATSIONIS, THEODORE ZIRAS), FALLING ARISE.

The bands will grant most of their revenue, for the restoration and maintenance of a paraplegic children hostel, with the hope of a better future. Let's all with our participation support this important effort, while watching a wonderful musical evening, which at the end will conclude with a prize draw. The doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Entrance 12 Euro per Person.

Live at Gagarin 205 13 February 2011

News BlockJan 08 2011
Live Show: We are happy to announce the our new Live show in Gagarin 205 on 13.02.2011. We are very pleased to open Accept's Live Show in Athens 2011. Accept will appear in Gagarin 205 for an one and only appearance and no classic heavy metal fun should miss this opportunity.

Thimios Krikos comment on the upcoming concert:

Innerwish to play as support with Accept was a dream, we had since childhood, come true. We were raised with their music, traveled with their songs und for sure this is a great honor for us to open the live show in Athens. I have seen them live 3 more times they are realy "fire" on stage. The absolute live group, who still until today, offer lessons of how to play the original classic heavy metal. We are waiting with great expectations the 13th of February! "Athens... Show me the sign of victory"

News BlockJan 08 2011
Newest Member Welcome We would like to welcome our neweste Member drummer Franki Samoilis. After Terry's departure we wanted to find a experience drummer to support our dreams and hope for the future. We think that Franki will help us achieve all our goals. Welcome Franki!

News BlockNov 18 2010

Ulterium Records will release a limited 12" picture disc edition of the INNERWISH album "No Turning Back". The edition will be strictly limited to 250 copies, and the release date is set to November 12th.

Side A:
01. The signs of our lives
02. Chosen one
03. Burning desires
04. No turning back
05. Sirens
06. Save us
Side B:
01. Last breath
02. Lawmaker
03. Welcome to my world
04. Kingdom of the prime
05. Full of lust
06. Live for my own
For more information on Innerwish, visit Innerwish on Myspace

News BlockOct 31 2010
Announcement: After almost 9 years of hard work, many performances and 3 full length albums, Innerwish and Terry Moros decided to seperate their ways. We wish him all the best to his next musical steps and with much pleasure we would like to announce you the arrival of our new drummer. Welcome to Fragkiskos Samoilis

Live at Gagarin 28 Octobes 2010

News BlockAug 05 2010
Live info: InnerWish live at Gagarin, Athens, 28th October 2010. First show in Athens, to support our new album. Dexter Ward will support us plus one more opening act. See you there...

News BlockJul 01 2010
Announcement: Thimios Krikos and Manolis Tsigkos will be at MAD TV on the Metal Show "TV WAR" with Hakos Pervanidis this Sunday, 4 July, at 00:00 Greece time.

News BlockJun 05 2010
Announcement: We will like to inform you that, Antonis Mazarakis and Manolis Tsigkos, will be this Sunday, 6 June with Vasilis Skourtopolos at his radio show, Metalmorfosis.

The Show will be from 22:00 to 00:00 Greece time.

Keep on rockin'

News BlockMay 31 2010
Live Info: InnerWish confirmed to perform at the City of Volos, on 11th September 2010. This will be a two (2) days Festival. InnerWish will be the Headliners of the second day while Rotting Christ will play as Headliners on first day . Stay tuned for more news.

News BlockMay 28 2010
Announcement: Today is a very special day. Not only publish our new CD "No turning Back" but we also publish our new Website. Now we can only think of the Future. What is next and how we will keep up. Thank you All for your support and we hope to see you soon in a Live near you :)

News BlockMarch 24 2010
Live Info: InnerWish confirmed to perform at this year's edition of Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

News BlockMarch 19 2010

Ulterium Records are very proud to announce the signing of the Greek melodic power metal band InnerWish to the label. The bands new album "No turning back" will be released May 28th in Europe and North America. The mixing of the album was done by Fredrik Nordstrom [In Flames, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir] at Studio Fredman, and mastering was handled by Mika Jussila [Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Stratovarius] at Finnvox Studios.

No Turning Back "No turning back" track listing:

01. The signs of our lives
02. Chosen one
03. Burning desires
04. No turning back
05. Sirens
06. Save us
07. Last breath
08. Lawmaker
09. Welcome to my world
10. Kingdom of the prime
11. Full of lust
12. Live for my own

Head over to the bands official myspace profile to check out the entire opening-track "The signs of our lives" as well as some more samples from the album.

News BlockJuly 13 2009
News: Finally the recording sessions ended and the result is truly amazing! We have in our hands twelve diamonds of pure melodic Metal that we believe will blow your mind. Now we are in the mix process and we officially announce that will be done by FREDMAN studios and be sure that the result will be fantastic. We are very proud for this album and believe me, I am sure you will feel the same when you get it.

News BlockJuly 1 2009
Live Info: The band cancelled for "Caos Emergente 2009 Open Air Festival" due personal reasons. We hope to see you next time!!

News BlockApril 3 2009
Live Info: We are happy to announce our participation in Golden R.Festival 2009 , on April 24th, Volos - Greece

Live Info: InnerWish confirmed to "Caos Emergente 2009 Open Air Festival", Portugal. This festival will take place at 11th, 12th and 13th September 2009. More information's will follow in the near future.

News BlockDecember 15 2008
Live Info: We announce our "After Christmas show" on December 26th at Texas-Necropolis for Eat Metal's celebration party. We are looking forward to ROCK you all there...

News BlockJune 07 2008
Live Info: Our Live at Castle Festival, Smederevo-Serbia was cancelled unfortunately. We were hoping to do this trip to Serbia. We will inform you with anything new!

News BlockApril 17 2008
10 Years Waiting for the Dawn Announcement: We are proud to announce our Anniversary live show for the ten years of the release date of "Waiting for the Dawn" album on 25th May 2008 at "AN Club" - Athens. In this special show we will perform "Waiting for the Dawn" album entirely with the first line-up of InnerWish. Be there...

News BlockMarch 31 2008
Announcement: We confirmed our appearance at RockWave Festival, Terra Vibe - Greece on 9/07/2008.

News BlockFebruary 12 2008
Announcement: We announce our Live show at Rock Spirit, Kalamata, Greece, on 01 March 2008. Gates Open 20:30.

Kalamata Live

News BlockJanuary 25 2008
Announcement: We are proud to announce our appearance at Smederevo's Castle Festival, Serbia on 5/07/2008.

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