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New Album 'InnerWish' released on March 18th, 2016 from Ulterium Records.

Since 1995 InnerWish have created 5 Full Albums, a split cd with Reflection and a Compilation from LMP.

Produced by Thimios Krikos and Fotis Bernado
Recorded at Deva Soundz studios by Fotis Bernado and LoNe Studios by Thimios Krikos
Mixed Studio Fredman, Sweden by Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd
Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Made Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Cover artwork, sleeve design and logo by Felipe Machado Franco and Jan Yrlund

"InnerWish" Track List:

01. Roll the Dice
02. Broken
03. Modern Babylon
04. Machines of Fear
05. Needles in my Mind
06. My World on Fire
07. Rain of a Thousand Years
08. Serenity
09. Sins of the Past
10. Through my Eyes
11. Zero Ground
12. Cross the Line
13. Tame the Seven Seas

No Turning Back Innerstrength

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Realms of the Night Waiting for the Dawn


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