Realms of the Night (Split CD)

Realms of the Night (Split CD)


01. Pain
02. The eyes of the night


03. Realms of tomorrow
04. Dreadful signs

Line up
Panagiotis Mylonas - vocals
Thimios Krikos - guitars
Manolis Tsigos - guitars
Antonis Mazarakis - bass guitar
Fotis Giannakopoulos - drums

Recorded at 'Reflaction Sound Studios' - Piraeus - Greece
Prodused & mixed by Stathis Pavlantis & Thimios Krikos
Artwork & layout by Nakos Giannis

Album Info

We can not really remember which one of the guys gave the idea to make this split CD. It was late at night and we where sitting all together, both bands, at the Reflection sound studios drinking beers, listening music and having fun. Then one of the company, (probably Stathis from "Reflection") said "guys, lets do something together, both bands, like record a song together, or make a split CD ...).

The recordings and mixing took place at the "Reflection Sound Studios" and the final result came out too easy. The fact that we were working in a friendly place (the studio owned to Stathis from "Reflection") made everything so simple.

We can still remember the fun we had during the recordings and mixing and how we felt when it was completed and released in the market. It was like strengthen the ties of friendship between us.

We are very good friends, we have made several live shows together and as we say "this CD is a family business".

As far as I know no one ever done something like this before in Greece and we feel very proud about that. And whenever we meet together and the discussion moves at that particular time we are still laughing with the fun we had ...

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