Waiting for the dawn

Waiting for the Dawn (1998)

01. Spacerunner Get mp3
02. Lord of Truth Get mp3
03. Beyond My Soul
04. Last thing i'll Remember
05. Carry your Cross Get
06. Ready for Attack Get
07. The Waves of Destiny
08. Have you ever...?
09. Waiting for the dawn

Line up
Giannis Papanikolaou - vocals
Thimios Krikos - guitars
Manolis Tsigos - guitars
Alexis Leventeris - bass guitar
Pavlos Balatsoukas - drums
Dimitris Papalexis - Keyboards

Recorded at 111 Studios, Moschato, Athens, Greece
Produced engineered and mixed by Kostas Arniotis
Recording Engineer - Leonidas Togas
Sleeve concept and design Vasiliki Krikou

Album Info

This first InnerWish album came out of nowhere. At that time we where just a group of guys wanting to play Heavy Metal and think of nothing else. We start working our own songs in order to materialize our inner needs and wishes (that is how the name of the band came out) with out having in our minds an official release.

In the beginning Thimios and Giannis, where working the songs and at the same time were looking to find more members for the band.

When the line up was completed, all together we continue working the songs in the studio. We all liked the final result so we thought that it was the time to start recording our songs.

So we start looking for an appropriate studio when we got in touch with NMC Records. They were interested for our material and after we reached an agreement we started recording.

The whole situation was very difficult for us. The main problem was that the studio didn't have free hours, so most of the time we had to work late at night. More over, we did not get the necessary help from the producer, so the final outcome was the result of our oun efforts.

We know know that if we had the chance to record this album again, there are many things that we would like to change and we know the final mix could be much better. But on the other hand this album is a picture of our lives at that time of period. It's filled with our hopes and believes so the whole feeling could never be the same again. That makes this album something unique for us.

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