Silent Faces (2004)

Inner Strength Lyrics


Erase, the silent waves of grace
The psychotic haze, that changed your face,
becoming closer
Recall the sign that I endorse,
the suffocating sight that raped your mind
Is screaming my name

I see you, I feel you, your breath so close to me
I see you, you are so afraid
I need you, I feel you, you hold my cryptic dream
I see you, you are so afraid

Can you see the light, lining the path of your mind?
Tempting colors fill your eyes
dive in their tender sunrise
The tears that bleed you, day by day
are fading away
Salvation is reborn, through your pulse
dancer of the storm

I drink the course of my beliefs,
the lifeless dream that hides the guilt inside
that burns the passion
Beyond the dancer of the storm
a new love joins our fate and leads our ways
without direction.


I run, run through the night
Feeling the wind as it blows
I ride, a stranger in time
Live on my own.
My heart, is straining too much
I'm just breathing through this chance
As time is killing time I'm approaching a dream
And tasting the sun from the ground
I feel it rising again restless and bold

My eyes, full of desire
Blink at the holy gates
I glide to reach out to the paths
Out of my brain
My life is rolling too fast
I've never felt so strong
Travel with me to the land of delight
Follow me when the night comes down
Just let your senses and touch
The afterlife

Just hold me tight
With the wings of an angel tonight
Even now that I'm afraid of lies
Blazing the night
Come to term the Afterlife
Just hold me tight
With the wings of an angel tonight
Even now that I'm afraid of time
Blazing the night
Come to term the after life


Freezing crazy inside the corners of my mind
Getting closer to life time I left behind
Scenes and memories from the past have come along
So the nightmare starts to grow.

Broken pieces of a life I've tried to live
Things and meanings now it's late for me to give
I have nothing to expect, but a thousand to regret
From this alcoholic cell

Helpless standing in the crossroads of this world
Among the things I've lived and done

If I could turn back time
I would try to leave the world behind
If I could turn back time
I would hold you by my side
Cause now that death is closer
Calling out my name
I can finally understand
Only little things are made to last forever.

Streets are friends, the city's getting hard with me
Now the burning sense for living trying to be
Winter days are coming in the heart and mind
Only sorrow there is to find.
Wasted mornings, windy nights are all the same
Cannot feel the bell that's chiming in my brain
I have nothing to forget, nothing secret to respect
From this alcoholic cell.


Lines of falling stars remarking a gliding trace
Shortly cover the sky, and rain upon our face
As the midnight comes we see pale blue lights ahead
Wisdom lost in space sweeping all the dreams we had

Oh, no a point of time not the same for all
So follow on to find the crown we've lost
Oh, no we all wait when the night will fall

We are here for the midnight call
We run for the midnight call
That will save us forever.

We feel unsafe but believe that our hopes won't fail
For all those years that have passed we ignored
if the ship would sail
And though our youth has elapsed something silently
unlocked our hearts
The nightingales sing for us about the plans
and the new day that comes

And like a child in our arms
We hold our dreams with despair
They are lying deep in our hearts
Guiding us to our promised land


There is no time to lose, just come with me my friend
Cause from the day we're born we never really cared
We couldn't find the path to chance for a better life
In our dreams it was alive, but we never really tried.

No one can tell us what is wrong or what is right.
No one can tell how we have to live our lives
We've got to hold on take our future in our hands
With our hearts our souls and minds to fight until the end

Hold on into our dreams
Hold on tonight
Hold on into our dreams Lets hold on tight

Our star is shining still and gliding in the sky
Breathing the freedom, we are not afraid of dying
When passion rules the game the blindness lingers on
Now we dread the path so fast and turn the pain to dust

This is the day my friend to break the prison cell
To break the rules to crush the boundaries with our hands
Now it's the time to stand and fight for what we are
In hearts there is a fire and it's burning with desire

Don't lose your faith,
carry on and follow the signs
Then you'll breathe some peace of mind,
try to be stronger than all.

Just close your eyes
Feel the warmth after the rain
That's the way to set you free
Make your choice before you die


Behind these burning walls of silence
Rising up the loneliness and shame
Come between us through this mighty winter's rain
With hearts of stone their souls are filled with darkness
Marching, killing no respect at all
The human race is watching passively the show

Hoping to find some peace of mind
Visions of pleasure are so far away

The silent faces, they are calling through the night
To find their way, their promise land.

Tiny breaks of time are hard and twisted
Scared eyes and feelings full of sweat
The usual lie is almost certain what you get
Faith abandons dreams and nameless whispers
We turn the page of our destructive lives
Get and bring the chance for someone to return

Suffocate for resurrection
Deep inside their minds are lying dead
Destination is the promised land


Deep in your mind something strange
growing faster tonight
Your dying emotions
review all the dreams you recited.
You'll never forget all these things
that left you betrayed
Your innocent face now has turned
into a masquerade of hate.

Born to love, an unworthy form.
Born to walk for ever alone

We hide the fear, and nobody reckons the consequence.
The crawling years will always be there in our minds
We hide the fear, end when pressure
is growing we face.
These deadly signs, the dreadful signs of our lives

The promises broke but the images
still punish your mind.
The tears in your eyes testify
that your patience has died.
Your thoughts have revealed,
there is nothing to feel, only pain.
Your innocent face now
has turned into a masquerade of hate.

You are staring alone, with eyes full of dread&
With eyes full of rage


The freeze of those distant smiles
Creates in me a pale
Image for my offering in time
Just call my name
Make me feel again
Some way delight
Take my hand
Let me gaze through your mind
And sleep in your heart
I pretend that I'll find something inside
Shelter me from these disturbing signs
When the crowd sleeps so far away

Taste the cold of my disgrace
Drown me in your plaint
Now there is nothing left to say
Set me free again

I was naked of feelings
And so empty of love
The truth seemed so bitter
I thought that I'd found them
But some glances to nowhere
Tear down the wall&of all of my hopes

So alone with the cold shade of your face
Bordering your name in a tortured daze
Still betrayed from this inclusive dream
Which escape from my captive brain


Where are my friends of yesterday,
my dreams that I've been after
Somewhere along the way I've missed my site
In a land where only madness rules
I've lost the will to live
I failed to see that life is a cruel game

But I will leave them all behind
And feel the wind in my hair
I'm sailing away

Now I'm riding on the wind
And I'm tearing up the sky
To fulfill my destiny and ease my mind
Now I'm riding on the wind
And my heart is filled with lust
To relive my life and restore the past

One glance back, I realize
there is nothing I've accomplished
My life just passed away before my eyes

When sirens sang their songs of doubt
I never heard their warnings
Now I recall the days to turn the page

But the fire still burns inside
Possessing my mind
I'm sailing away

I'm sailing away
With eyes full with lust


Feeling the heat of this impulsive youth
Engulf your words before learning the truth
Cover my skin with a sense of desire.
Avoiding the price of your mind
Leaving for nothing but hoping for all.
Use the compassion so easy and cold.
Ponder suspicions of join and calm
But there is nowhere here to hide......

Into the realms of tomorrow I will go
I'll create a dream to touch the face of God

Just give me time, give me the reason,
To recall bring me the essence of your soul
Give me the reason to relieve with a several hope.
Give me time, give me the reason
To recall bring me the essence of your soul
Give me the reason to relieve with a several hope
For the realms of tomorrow we hold on...

Tension enfold me when the sun hits the ground
And scenes of my lifetime would never resound
Pictures have changed I'm not so confined
I drained you out of me and I feel fine.
Walking exempt from my desolate days
I've buried your memories of sorrow and grace
Hide through the dark, cause I'm turning back,
just lay down your soul and run...

Innerstrength Silent Faces

Waiting for the Dawn


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